Ditch the tie this summer and go with these accessories instead…



One of the most uncomfortable things you can experience is the irritation from feeling strangled at your neck, while sweat drips down your spine; building up from the trapped heat, boiling down your back. Yeah. I know. That wasn’t pleasant at all. This is why I wouldn’t recommend straining yourself this summer with such a neck accessory. As we move towards world breaking heat records, it is an unnecessary burden dress up. You need to dress down. And let’s start with getting rid of that neck wear and going with these:

Pocket Square:


9ebf904f82333540de98b6cedf023543Ah, the pocket square. Such an elegant piece of cloth; sometimes, mistaken for a napkin. It can be used as so, but we’re going to put it to better use. The greatest benefit of having a pocket square is its range in decorative use. Depending on your imagination, you can be quite creative in assembling a pocket square together. Some really cool designs that I have seen range from polka dots, flowers, pin stripes, to even fancy fabrics with solid colors (Yes. Even leather).









The Ascot:


The Ascot, the 19th Century predecessor to the modern necktie, is a inordinate way to give your wardrobe some flair. Now it might come off with an air of aristocracy, but it’s worth the go. If this accessory is worn beneath an unbuttoned collar, it makes for a great alternative to wearing a tie during for summer. Try and keep it cool and casual. There a few brands that we have in mind. Please see below.


What more could be more charming than a classic vintage silk ascot? It has a smooth silky feel to it and it’s a great asset when attending brunch. Once in a blue moon is fitting for this rare entity.






Bare Neck:


Yes. The bare neck; exposed to the core. 360 degrees of nudity. When the heat waves come, your comfort level will drop dramatically.

Allow for a free flow of air. A little bit of exposure is good. And in this case, given the weather and the season, it’s definitely a go. This works well for cool colored button up/down shirts and even so with pattern shirts.

Now that we’ve shared with you out three alternative accessories, we hope that you will ditch that tie. And also, please share what accessories would you substitute your tie for below in the comment section. We’d love to hear your take on this.




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