What Is Iconic?

I asked myself that question for a while. Only to come to the conclusion that it’s really about being present and being true to yourself by how you represent yourself. Style is really a matter of perception. One thing might be appealing to some and completely repulsive to others. It’s a great balance. However, this blog isn’t suited to any specific group. It pays homage to the trends that are subtle, yet, effective; like an imprinted stain, it doesn’t seem to go away. Iconic Fashion Guide will offer a view on men’s fashion; a common view I hope.


Why Iconic?

Something about fashion that makes it transferrable to almost any line of work or career path. I’ve seen even the most labor intensive industry experts with the greatest sense of fashion than the wealthiest, laissez-fair aristocrat.  In regards to the name, I wanted something that stood for everlasting; glorified. And that’s when Iconic came to mind.


What To Expect

Everything. I hope to keep you entertained with the latest trends that are appealing to me. Most importantly, provide a view on how one can make small alterations in their fashion sense to maximize the way they feel inside about themselves, and how they feel about themselves in public. Please be aware that, I will cover almost every aspect of fashion. It is likely that there will be a style that’s not suiting nor appealing to you. That’s fine. I hope that we can at least admire and appreciate it.


The Most Important Question… Tell Me About Yourself?

I come from a middle-class family in the suburbs of Northern-Central New Jersey. I’ve always been interested in fashion. Really, where I excelled was in the details. Simple things like socks, watches, ties, wristbands, shoes, belts, etc. the list goes on, that’s where I made my presence felt. Sometimes, style requires trimming the edges over a buzz cut. My passion for fashion is accompanied by my financial prowess. Both are constantly in the works. You can never be perfect, except in death. And that are the two main areas that I will focus on.

I hope you stay tuned in for more and stick around a bit… it gets better from here on out.